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This is a temporary Menu In Preview, for our soft opening period. We are still serving our classic dishes with limited menu.

Stay tuned for updates and welcome back.

We look forward to feeding you

Sincerely Gabriel

Gabriel’s Menu consists of traditional Northern Italian dishes with an elevated American influenced contemporary touch. For three decades, we have continued the tradition of using only fresh ingredients and the highest quality of products. We make all of our pastas, bread, desserts and uniquely flavored gelatos in house from scratch. 


A NYT review from the early 90’s reflects on the true quality of our product: “None of the pastas are ordinary. Pappardelle tossed with a sauce made of rabbit, chanterelles and prunes is an explosion of flavor, the earthy richness of the mushrooms played against the strong sweetness of the prunes. Half-moons of pasta come filled with a mixture of spinach, pine nuts and aged ricotta. But the real winner here is homemade gnocchi, little dumplings so light they float into your mouth and down your throat before you even have time to chew…generosity tends to be the norm at Gabriel’s.” (Reichl, 1994) 


Our kitchen is inspired by perfection, play, and creativity—combining tradition and finesse. The depth of flavors and the diversity of ingredients sets us apart from the rest, along with our relentless drive to satisfy our guests and deliver the products that they enjoy and savor daily. At Gabriel’s, you will find that our dishes carry a nostalgic feeling of the Northern Italian region and of American daily comfort—a unique blend of elegance and warmth.